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Digisquash | January 16, 2018

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Science: We Will All Be Usain Bolt

Science: We Will All Be Usain Bolt
Rafael Diaz

Could you imagine running like Usain Bolt? I guess we all have asked ourselves this question while watching this phenomenal being. Life must look pretty fast and hectic from the eyes of such outstanding athletes, however nothing in life comes for free. Although genetics play a very important role, they all need to devote themselves to training and hard work. This won’t be the case in a few years time anymore, as you will be able to run at a 100 meters speed as well, and even for much longer distances!

Scientific at Boston’s Children Hospital have made a major breakthrough in both, human and sport evolution, they have greatly changed mankind by developing the first blood friendly oxygen-carrier. This particle can be seen as a small oxygen container, that after injected into the person’s blood stream, it can provide it with oxygen for up to 30 minutes. In theory lungs will be completely redundant as this particle oxygens your body from the inside, thus eliminating the need of breathing. This will change life in every aspect, from divers able to go under 20 meters without any oxygen tank to “breathing” normally in the middle of a smoke column.

In less than 20 years time, we all be faster and stronger than today’s athletes.

So are these particles the real counterparts for respirocytes? Respirocytes are a theoretical particle that can act as hemoglobin-filled red blood cells in the human body. The particle has been envisaged as a nanobot, whose dimensions can interact seamlessly with our human cells, this is no longer Sci-Fi as the new micrometer-size oxygen supplier can achieve the same. Mankind is entering a new era, where most of the roadblocks we find ourselves in daily life will be part of the past.

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine how the Olympic games would be in less than 20 years time, we all be faster and stronger than today’s athletes. Furthermore, evolution is on our side; as it has to be. If we compare Usain Bolt with Francis Lane, the 100 meter winner in 1896, Bolt will be 23.6 meters ahead of him, which is a huge improvement, since this guy also won the medal at that time! This is due to how food and sport technology evolves, but will be nothing compared to the next generation of athletes, athletes that will be faster than nowadays Guinness Records guys, and for much longer. This will open many debates and will yield legal issues since from the outside these kind of particles look just like oxygen, will the committee just allow them and keep all of us in front of the TV for longer? The veredict will be unleashed soon…

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