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Digisquash | January 16, 2018

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What Kind of Housemate Are You? [Infographic]

What Kind of Housemate Are You? [Infographic]
Timothius Martin
  • On January 16, 2013

Moving into a shared house or apartment is pretty much like going to a blind date completely naked with little or no expectation. You’d most likely already know about the place, but have no idea what kind of psychopath you’re gonna end-up with for the next few months. Ah yes, few months at the very least! Most of shared accommodation will have a tenancy agreement that force you to stay or pay for the rent for certain period of time. Normally, it’s about 6 to 12 months although in some cases it could be years! Like I said, you’re going in naked!

I was lucky, because when I first moved in to a shared student flat in Birmingham (United Kingdom), I ended up with people who are as crazy as myself.

If you’re new to this thing and hoping that, on your first attempt, you’d find that one awesome housemate who always remembers to clean his dishes and pays rent on time, or a super hot girl next door kind of stuff , then kid… get ready to get disappointed. Because unless the God of Awesome Housemates shines upon you, you will never find such thing as the perfect housemate. It’s either you end up with bunch of weird douchebags or you are the douchebag.

According to a recent research conducted by British Telecom (BT), about 42% people who have lived in a shared house, have done so with someone they would happily never see again.

Now, if one of your new year’s resolutions is to find a new and better housemate, this cool infographic here might be useful for you. Don’t go in completely naked, find a way to interview them first using this cart!

Types of Housemates

If you’re lucky, you can end up with someone this awesome:

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