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Digisquash | January 16, 2018

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Who’s Got The Best TV Ad: Apple vs Samsung vs HTC vs BlackBerry vs Sony

Who’s Got The Best TV Ad: Apple vs Samsung vs HTC vs BlackBerry vs Sony
Timothius Martin

Smartphone Advert Battle

For the last few months, the world has been bombarded by smartphone advertising following the introduction of several new flagship devices from HTC, Samsung, BlackBerry (formerly known as RIM), Apple and Sony. You turn on the TV, you see Apple commercials. You stuck in a traffic, you see a massive samsung ad displayed on a billboard. You go to a cinema, you see this weird guy riding a flying carpet in the BlackBerry 10 ‘Keep Moving’ commercial. They are everywhere! TV, Internet, Radio, Cinema… You’ve got to be living in a cave if you haven’t seen any of those ads. It’s almost impossible to miss a day without being exposed to a smartphone ad.

This however, doesn’t necessarily mean bad, especially if you’re currently looking to replace your old phone. For the tech savvy people, these ads might not mean anything but a reassurance of what they already know. But for the rest of the world, commercials can be the main source of information that makes their buying-decision tick. Samsung understands this concept very (or too) well that the company decided to spent a gazzilion dollars on marketing campaign last year. The results? They’re out-appling Apple. In addition, they also recently reported a 42% jump in profit compared to last year in the latest earning reports. At brand level, less than 2 years ago, perhaps only a handful of people (mainly young adults) know what a Samsung Galaxy phone is. Today, the name is being mentioned more than any other smartphone brand in the market.

The thing is though, not everyone has such massive marketing budget. Therefore, for other companies to compete with the likes of Samsung in 2013, their marketing team should really make the best use of the pricey air time by coming up with a different, smarter, and perhaps a little bit more controversial ad campaign.

What Makes The Best TV Ad?

Although I’m not an expert in broadcast marketing by any means, I always believe that, as a viewer, a good TV commercial should ideally have these following traits:

  1. Visually stunning (Well directed and edited),
  2. Thought-provoking (i.e. Apple’s 1984 Superbowl Ad or the cheesy Samsung’s Next Big Thing commercial)
  3. Funny or cool (If it doesn’t have any humour toppings, it’s got to be at least uber cool that’d make want to go to YouTube and watch it over and over again)
  4. Elegant call-to-action (Quality over quantity – sometimes a website address at the end of the advert is enough)
  5. Simplicity or Beautiful Mess (I’d prefer a simple and minimalistic Ad any day, but sometimes a beautiful arty mess can also make a great Ad).

Below are some of the latest smartphone commercials from Apple, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, Facebook Home (HTC First), and Sony. Check them out, and let us know which one you do you think is the best!

Samsung Galaxy S4 Commercial

HTC One Commercial

Sony Experia Z Commercial

BlackBerry Z10 Commercial

Apple iPhone 5 (30 second Ad)

Extra: Facebook Home (on HTC First)

Well, to me, Sony Experia Z’s commercial has the edge here. It’s just beautiful!

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