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Digisquash | January 16, 2018

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Retro Gaming with iCade – Experience old school slots and classic Atari games

Retro Gaming with iCade – Experience old school slots and classic Atari games
Timothius Martin
  • On December 16, 2013

Experience old school slots and classic Atari games

Do you remember the days when you had to insert a coin in a machine before you could play video games? Today, all you need is a tablet and an internet connection to enjoy all sorts of video games – from RPG and multi-player to strategy and puzzle games. The arcade games were huge back in the 1970s until the 1990s, but their popularity declined when video game consoles switched from 2D to 3D. Despite that development, there are still players who yearn for that classic arcade gaming experience.

Instead of going to Game Center or Fun Spot Attractions, you can now enjoy playing arcade games right in your own homes by using the iCade. This gadget was recommended by top gaming companies; and Kim of Pocket Fruity even said that the right controls can not only improve the mobile gaming experience, but they can also make you a better player, simply by allowing you a better feel for navigation, accuracy, and control.

iCade can transform your iPad into an old school slot machine featuring action and joystick buttons with colorful retro housing. The support of this gadget provides you the perfect viewing angle and can withstand games that require heavy action such Battlezon and Asteoids. All you have to do is insert the iPad in the game cabinet then connect via Bluetooth. This unique iPad cabinet is compatible with more than 500 games including those from Atari and of course your favorite slot games.



Who would have thought of producing a gadget that will transport players back to the golden years of arcade games? ION was responsible for developing the iCade, but it all started as a joke for ThinkGeek during April Fools day. This gadget became an instant and has become a popular Christmas gift for gamers. It was even included in the list Digital Trend’s 10 Crazy iPad Accessories That Completely Reinvent Your Favorite Tablet. With the iCade, you can now organize a retro slot machine party with your friends and colleagues this holiday season.

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