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Digisquash | January 16, 2018

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Lying On Your CV – Part 1: The Truth [Infographic]

Lying On Your CV – Part 1: The Truth [Infographic]
Timothius Martin
  • On January 17, 2013

Do you lie on your CV? If yes, don’t feel too bad about yourself, because you’re not the only one! In fact, according to a study conducted in 2012 by a credible business provider, ADP, about 46% of job applicants admit to have used false information on their CV to help them secure the job.

Under this difficult weather, job seekers are sometimes left with no choice other than stretch the truth about themselves to make them stand out. This is especially true (sadly) for fresh university graduates who might possess all the theoretical know-how of their study field, but lack of real-life work experience to seal the employers’ confidence. Today, Lying on CV is no longer viewed as taboo, and has ironically become more of a golden ticket for some.

For employers, this is perhaps nothing new, but getting the right candidate might just get a little tougher. Unless, they’re looking for a ‘creative-writter’.

Check out these interesting facts below and share your thoughts about it!

The Truth About Lying on Your CV

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