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Digisquash | January 16, 2018

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Driclor: Deodorant That Lasts for Days [Review]

Driclor: Deodorant That Lasts for Days [Review]
Yubin Kim

Do you suffer from excessive sweating during summer? All deodorants that guarantee 12 or 24 hours do not work for you? For those people, I would like to recommend one product, Driclor.

Driclor is a liquid roll on designed to treat excessive perspiration. Its major ingredient, Aluminium Chloride makes you stop sweating by blocking your sweat gland. Then excess sweat is reabsorbed into your body and released through other part of your body. It sounds unreal, but it really works. When I heard about driclor first time, I did not believe that it can actually control sweating. However, after I realized that deodorant was no longer a solution for embarrassing sweat patches, I decided to give it a go.

To my surprise, it did work. I put it on before I go to sleep and washed off in the morning. It was a very hot summer day, but I did not sweat at all

– I didn’t even use deodorant to test whether it really works.

Like some people said, at first time it did sting and tingle. But it turned out that it was my fault. It stung because I used driclor right after shower and put loads on. I would not have done this if I read instruction carefully. As it is written on instruction, I am supposed to dry armpit perfectly- need to wait at least an hour after shower and put a light covering on. So it is really important that you read instruction before you use it. If you are using this first time, it might tingle a little. But the more you use the less it will tingle. I guess it takes some time for your body to get used to this anti perspirant liquid.

Driclor lasts days not hours. It is a small bottle but you are not going to use everyday and you don’t need to put a lot like deodorant. This small bottle will last at least for a month, which is not that bad for £6. It is not a perfect product as I heard some people had really bad reactions. But, I have quite sensitive skin- I can’t even use normal body wash, as I get rashes, but I worked fine for me. If you want something stronger than deodorant and get away from embarrassing sweat patches, it is worth trying it.

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Driclor claims that it'd work for days. To my surprise, it did work.


  1. jam

    what is the name of this deodorant? i have a problem with my underarms,even im not moving,like runing but my underarms is so sweating,or even im just seting.

    • Hi Jam, Sorry for the late reply. It’s Driclor. Hope it helps you – and make sure you read the instruction before you use it!

  2. abby

    can it also eliminate body odor? i really want to know so i can buy it immediately.thanks .hope you can help me.

    • maggie

      Sweat has no odor. However, wet armpit causes bacteria build up. When it combines with your deodorant, cologne/perfume and sweat, it produces body odor. So if you don’t sweat – no bacteria – there’s no odor!
      I’ve been using DRICLOR and so far, its the best!

  3. As maggie said, no sweat no odor. You can give it a try abby – remember, “light covering”, don’t use it like you use deodorant.

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