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Digisquash | December 16, 2017

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Retro Gaming with iCade – Experience old school slots and classic Atari games

December 16, 2013 |

Experience old school slots and classic Atari games

Do you remember the days when you had to insert a coin in a machine before you could play video games? Today, all you need is a tablet and an internet connection to enjoy all sorts of video games – from RPG and multi-player to strategy and puzzle games. The arcade games were huge back in the 1970s until the 1990s, but their popularity declined when video game consoles switched from 2D to 3D. Despite that development, there are still players who yearn for that classic arcade gaming experience.

Instead of going to Game Center or Fun Spot Attractions, you can now enjoy playing arcade games right in your own homes by using the iCade. This gadget was recommended by top gaming companies; and Kim of Pocket Fruity even said that the right controls can not only improve the mobile gaming experience, but they can also make you a better player, simply by allowing you a better feel for navigation, accuracy, and control.

iCade can transform your iPad into an old school slot machine featuring action and joystick buttons with colorful retro housing. Continue reading “Retro Gaming with iCade – Experience old school slots and classic Atari games” »

[Review] Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

May 20, 2013 |

I wasn’t a Trekkian. I’ve never seen any of the original Star Trek films or TV series. In fact, I was more of a Millenium Falcon kind of guy rather than a U.S.S. Enterprise’s. But truth be told, I enjoyed what J.J. Abrams (for those who didn’t know, he was the guy behind the unparalleled success of heavy sci-fi series Alias and Lost, which basically made him a god for the geek crowd) did to the 2009 “reboot” of Star Trek. Abrams was obviously a true geek at heart, thus making him clearly understand how to win the crowd over. To put it simply at the beginning, he’s done it twice in a row, as ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ is as good – or even better – than its predecessor. Continue reading “[Review] Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)” »

[Review] Evil Dead (2013)

May 12, 2013 |

Evil Dead franchise has long been considered as an icon of 80s horror classic. When the likes of Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers terrified (or satisfied) audiences with their creepy mask and over-the-top bloody kill, Evil Dead went on a different way. It picked sick and disturbing over gruesome. You’ll find yourself more likely to hide your eyes or cringe as it puts more focus on the process rather than the result. Continue reading “[Review] Evil Dead (2013)” »

[Review] Iron Man 3

May 2, 2013 |

It’s an understatement to say that IRON MAN 3 is one of the most anticipated entry this summer (beside DC’s Man of Steel and Star Trek Into Darkness, if you ask me). The minute Marvel announced that Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Phase One had been concluded with ‘The Avengers’ and the sequel to 2010’s ‘Iron Man 2’ will mark the beginning of Phase Two, anticipation greatly builds. Regardless of how the last adventure of Tony Stark ended, people would want to see more about the aftermath of the incident in ‘Avengers’. So does the end product truly deliver? Continue reading “[Review] Iron Man 3” »

[Late Review] Oblivion (2013)

April 27, 2013 |

It’s been almost a month since my last review. It was a really busy month and I had very little to no time to go the movies. So to finally be able to see a movie and to make this writing are such a joyous occassion for me. And ‘Oblivion’ is a movie you won’t feel regret watching. Let’s get into details.

Continue reading “[Late Review] Oblivion (2013)” »

[Review] G.I.Joe: Retaliation (2013)

March 31, 2013 |

We’ve seen a lot of disastrous action films as we are in an era where incorporating high amount of special effects in your movie generates more viewers. When it comes to this matter, consider Michael Bay and Roland Emmerich as the Edison and Bell of the trend. No one cares about the plot stupidity or the wooden acting when one of them is credited as a director. Continue reading “[Review] G.I.Joe: Retaliation (2013)” »

[Review] The Croods (2013)

March 31, 2013 |

The Croods follows the story of a family of Neanderthal cavemen with the titular name living in a prehistoric era (but they obviously speak English) with Grug (voiced by the immortal Nic Cage) as its paternal leader, an ultra-strong hit-first-ask-question-later overprotective father. Emma Stone voiced Eep, Grug’s elder daughter who’s rebellious to her own father, just like any other teenage girl in this Justin Bieber-Demi Lovato era. Continue reading “[Review] The Croods (2013)” »

Review: Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

March 24, 2013 |

You know a teaser trailer has done its job well when people are eager to see the film right away after watching it. And most of the times, a trailer to an upcoming action flick does that to me. Back then last year, when ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ trailer hit the Internet, I was totally blown away Continue reading “Review: Olympus Has Fallen (2013)” »

Review: Oz the Great and Powerful (2013)

March 17, 2013 |

I’ve never been a huge fan of the original 1939 film, regardless of the classic status it has been earning since its conception. And here we are now: it’s been 70-plus years and finally we all are now back to the wonderful, magical land of Oz. Continue reading “Review: Oz the Great and Powerful (2013)” »

5 Heart-Melting Videos To Get You in The Mood For Valentine’s Day

February 4, 2013 |

February – The month of love has arrived, and if you still haven’t really got into the rhytm of love, you might wanna check out these adorable videos to kickstart your mood for Valentine’s Day! Don’t forget to share them with your loved ones! Continue reading “5 Heart-Melting Videos To Get You in The Mood For Valentine’s Day” »