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Digisquash | January 16, 2018

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UK Snow: 10 Awesome Things You Can Do in The Snow

UK Snow: 10 Awesome Things You Can Do in The Snow
Timothius Martin
  • On January 18, 2013

Snow has finally hit England, and it’s hitting it hard!

Schools, offices, transportations are all affected by today’s extreme weather. BBC News reported earlier today that over 3,000 schools in the UK had been forced to shut due to icy blast and heavy snowfall that present hazardous conditions. Many flights had also been cancelled leaving thousands stranded in the airport terminal. On the road, the near-zero visibility makes it almost impossible to even get your car out of the garage. It truly is a nightmare for most people.

Woohoo! It’s snowing!

To us kids, however, this condition gives a completely different meaning and excitement. The more, the merrier! We’ve been wishing for this all year – last year! Most of us, in fact, felt that last christmas was not so festive due to the lack of snow. Well, now that it’s finally here, what are you guys gonna do with it?? We’ve been waiting for far too long for this to just build a snowman. It’s time to try something a little different don’t you think!?

Here’s 10 awesome things that you can do in the snow:

1. Simpsonize the snow

snow 4 - simpsonize


2. Build a bomb shelter

Bomb Shelter


3. Keep your beers cold!

snow 3 - keep your beers cold


4. Just sit back – chilax. 



5. Snow fight with your pet!

dog in snow


6. Be a Jacka**


7. Freak out your neighbours!

snow lol


8. Entertain your neighbours!

snow couple


9. Moonwalk on the snow!


10. Be a Russian

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